Fix - Project and File Management for F#

The day after Music City Code Rachel Reese, Paulmichael Blasucci, Luke Sandell, Bryan Hunter, Calvin Bottoms, and I met up for an F# Community Code event at the Firefly Logic headquarters. My goal was to make writing F# applications without Visual Studio easier. At the time my thought was to introduce a new yaml based project type but as it was pointed out on Twitter, that wouldn't really have much adoption as it would break compatibility with Redmond.

I told Bryan about my idea and he came up with the idea of Mix for F#. That was a much larger task than I'd really thought about attempting, but then I noticed that the F# Generator project had some cool yeoman templates that I hoped I could leverage and transform with F# rather than Yeoman. (I have nothing against Yeoman, but I don't think developers should have to download another ecosystem to create projects in F#).

And so with that I started Fix. It is very much in an infant stage at this point and likely to change but I hope it will grow into a full fledged project management utility. Currently it handles creating new projects based upon the F# Generator templates, adding files to a project, and removing files from a project.

If you have any ideas or feature requests for the project I encourage you to open issues in the repo. Of course, if you'd like to submit pull requests I'm happy to accept them too.

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