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Providing Value with Trivial Abstraction in F#

This post is part of the F# Advent Calendar in English 2015. Thanks to Sergey Tihon for organizing and letting me be a part of it this year! Some short time after implementing MembershipProvider for the first time I realized that simply relying on abstractions to make your code extendable

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Fix - Project and File Management for F#

The day after Music City Code Rachel Reese, Paulmichael Blasucci, Luke Sandell, Bryan Hunter, Calvin Bottoms, and I met up for an F# Community Code event at the Firefly Logic headquarters. My goal was to make writing F# applications without Visual Studio easier. At the time my thought was to

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Code Reuse with the SqlProgrammabilityProvider

In the process of creating a web service backend for a large web application for Diamler I've come across a few patterns that allow me to provide functionality without bloating my codebase. As the application is largely data driven one of my favorite patterns involves using the SqlProgrammabilityProvider and optional

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F# Card Game Part 2 - Dealing Cards

In part one of this series we walked through modeling the domain of our card game. In this post we'll use that domain as a guide to help us create a deck, shuffle the deck, and deal cards from the deck. Creating the deck There may be more elegant ways

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