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Providing Value with Trivial Abstraction in F#

This post is part of the F# Advent Calendar in English 2015. Thanks to Sergey Tihon for organizing and letting me be a part of it this year! Some short time after implementing MembershipProvider for the first time I realized that simply relying on abstractions to make your code extendable

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F# Card Game Part 2 - Dealing Cards

In part one of this series we walked through modeling the domain of our card game. In this post we'll use that domain as a guide to help us create a deck, shuffle the deck, and deal cards from the deck. Creating the deck There may be more elegant ways

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Foreach and Command Query Separation

In my previous post on getting into higher order functions I wrote about how I've been using higher order functions instead of foreach loops. All of the functions defined in that article were immutable, and had no side effects aside from returning data. In real life though, we're forced to

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Getting into Higher Order Functions

Recently I've developed a love for F# and functional programming principals in general. Something about the way I code in those languages makes the code just seem to work the first time. After a short break from c# I came back to it for a project at work and noticed

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